I am an international student. How do I apply to UK conservatoires (such as the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire)?
UCAS has a comprehensive section on their website about how to do this.
Does raising the participation age to 18 years mean that my child has to stay on at school?
No. RPA was brought in by the government to encourage young people to stay in ‘education and training’ until they are 18. Young people don’t have to stay on at school. There are other options available – college, training, traineeships, apprenticeships, employment, etc.
What are T-Levels?
T-levels are a new qualification. They aim to meet the needs of industry & prepare students for the world of work. They are a mixture of classroom learning & ‘on-the-job’ experience. They last for 2 years and follow on from GCSEs.  They are graded at Pass/Merit /Distinction. If you are considering going to university, it is worth noting that they carry UCAS points.
Which College could I go to do Health & Social Care?
Several local colleges offer courses in Health & Social Care – Sandwell  College, Walsall College, and Dudley College. In addition – Health Futures UTC specialises in health care and health science for 14-19 year olds, Nacro in Oldbury offer a L1 Health & Social Care course and Juniper (Wednesbury) offers a L2 course in Childcare.
What qualifications would I need to become an inspire/mentor and what training would I need. I take Health and Social Care at school and I assume this job is working with children which I am great at, but I want a bit more information?
Each organisation will have its own criteria for mentors, but it is usually based on your experience you may have in a range of different jobs. It is useful to have  volunteering experience and show that you have enthusiasm and motivation for these kind of roles. Many mentors may have to be 18 years old as they require a DBS check to work with young people. It is not compulsory to take health & social care but may be  beneficial to become involved working with charities or in the local community.
When should I start to apply for bursaries and scholarships? (I am in year 11 and planning to go into medicine)?
Some bursaries have criteria that have to be met, such as being part of a vulnerable group eg. being in or recently left local authority care or in receipt of income support or other benefits. Some organisations offer  financial help even if you do not qualify for a bursary for students in a vulnerable group. It is advisable to research the individual university or colleges on their websites and they will explain the procedure to apply. It is useful to look at the www.ucas.com website as it answers all questions on how to apply and what is the criteria to apply. You can speak to Student Services in the organisation to find out what is available and apply asap.
How do I find out about apprenticeships as a Trainee Paramedic?
Visit the national website for apprenticeships is here. You can register and search for apprenticeships. Also you can look at a job profile. You can apply for an apprenticeship or study a paramedic science degree at university.  Entry to paramedic courses is very competitive and it may help if you have some relevant experience or training, examples include volunteering with a charity or St Johns Ambulance.
My son is considering a Teaching Assistant role in either a school or nursery. He’s expected to get 2s and 3s in his GCSEs. What would you recommend?
Individual schools and nurseries set their own entry requirements and decide which qualifications and experience they need. Many will ask for qualifications in literacy and numeracy at GCSE or equivalent. Colleges do offer level 2 courses in supported teaching and you would need 2 or more GCSE grades at grades 3-9 or resit GCSE English/maths.
I would like to do an Apprenticeship for Health and Social. Where can I go?
Visit www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship  and www.healthcareers.nhs.uk 
What would a good College be to study Biology, IT and Business Studies? I’d like to do IT in the NHS?
We always suggest the following to help you build a clearer picture of whether the college is for you:

  • Look at the college websites and read more about the courses they offer in detail
  • Read the college’s latest Ofsted inspection report
  • Contact the college direct if you would like further details about their exam pass rate. This information may be on their website.
  • Attend college open day to look at the facilities, to meet the tutors and to find out more about the college
I am looking at a course in interactive media. What kind of careers could I go into after this college course?
A course in interactive media would allow you to enter a range of careers that sit in the family of “Creative and media” career pathways. Follow this link to explore these potential career pathways.
Would game art be good to pick for Uni as I’m interested in animation and digital art (illustration and comic concept)?
Please follow these links to UCAS and What Uni to find out more about the entry routes into the careers of animation and digital art.
How do I become an animator?
Please read through this link to find out more about careers in animation.
Hello, my son is about to leave school and wants to be a primary school teacher, but unsure of the pathways he can take?
To become a Primary School Teacher your son will need a degree. To get onto a degree course he will need 5 GCSEs at Grades 9-4 (including maths, English and science) and 2-3 A-levels (or equivalent).He  could then take a degree in any subject and then take a post graduate course.

Further information

What different jobs roles does finance have?
Careers in finance range from the business sector and finance related jobs such as a Financial Adviser, an Insurance Broker and an Accounting Technician. Have a look at the ‘Explore  Careers’ section of the National Careers Service website for more ideas.

To get into finance, there are courses available at local colleges (such as BTEC Business Studies), A-levels and apprenticeships.


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