What Employers Look For

All employers look for applicants who have:

  • a range of employability skills – the skills you need to do any job well and show employers that you would make a good employee
  • job-specific skills – for example, a games designer would need creative design and technical skills, whereas a doctor would need scientific, medical and technical skills. These are the skills that you mainly develop once you have finished full-time education and are in employment. Most employers are keen to offer training to the right person – for example as part of an Apprenticeship or a work-based training programme. The important thing is being willing to carry on learning once you leave school, college or university
  • qualifications – these are evidence of personal, functional and employability

Personal learning and thinking skills show that you are:

  • a good self-manager – you can organise your time and yourself, show responsibility, cope with challenges and persevere when the going gets tough
  • an independent enquirer – you can research information, work out what it means and use it to make well-thought out decisions
  • a reflective learner – you can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, judge how well you’ve done and make changes where necessary
  • a creative thinker – you can find different ways to tackle a problem, come up with and develop new ideas
  • an effective participator – you play(ed) a full part in the life of your school or college and the community and act responsibly
  • a great team worker – you work confidently with others, take responsibility for your part of the work and take account of others’ views.

Functional skills are:

  • being able to use English well – writing and communicating clearly, understanding meaning, and setting out information in a logical order
  • being confident with maths – measuring, calculating, estimating quantities and recording data
  • using ICT – operating a computer, using basic systems, learning new applications and using telephones and other technology to communicate.

Information from www.wowbc.co.uk


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