Don’t Panic – you have options!   


Can you change your course?

If you just missed out on your preferred course, contact the university and ask if you can change to a  course you do have the grades for.

You won’t be the only student in this position. At this stage, university places are still being allocated. You may be able to get a place on another course.

Phone the university and ask what your options are for changing course. Even if you gain a place on your second choice course, there may be opportunities for you to switch to your first choice during your degree.

The UCAS Clearing System

If the university isn’t able to offer you an alternative course, your next step should be to apply through the UCAS Clearing System.

This system enables you to find courses available at universities all over the UK that you have the grades for. This may mean going to a different university than planned, but if you’re set on studying a specific course, this is an option.

To help you through the clearing process, you should speak to a Connexions Sandwell Careers Adviser.

Watch this video to find out more about how the Uni clearing process works:

Consider Retaking your A-Levels and Applying Next Year

If you still can’t get a university place, you might want to consider resitting your A-Levels and the apply again next year.

You may only need to re-sit one exam. If so, then you could study part-time at college and work to save up for your first year.

One piece of advice that we would give is not to become complacent with your studies. Just because you’ve studied the course before, it doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll get a better grade the second time round. You need to identify what went wrong the first time and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Look at Alternative Routes into your Career

If your plan was to go to university to pursue a specific career, then you could look at alternative routes:

  1. Apply for an entry-level position in your chosen career. You will gain first-hand experience of working and have the opportunity to apply for promotion as your career progresses.
  2. Apply for an apprenticeship or school leaver programmes. By the time you complete your apprenticeship, it’s possible that you could be much further advanced in your career than by going to University.

Finally, remember that there is no correct time to go to university. People start a degree at all ages.








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