After the Interview


  1. Evaluate your interview performance

As soon as possible after the interview, review your performance. Write down some notes about how it went, so that you can improve for the next one.

  • Reflect on what went well and areas you could improve on
  • Think about any questions that you struggled with so you can answer them better in the future
  • What did you answer well?
  • Are they an organisation you would want to work for?
  • Do you feel you would fit in?
  • Does the job live up to your expectations?
  1. Send a tailored thank you e-mail to the interviewer within two days of the interview. Not only is this a courteous thing to do, it will also show that you are keen to work for the organisation. Keep it short, but thank them for seeing you and express your interest in the job.
  2. If the employer was going to contact you by a certain date and don’t, then contact them
  3. If no date has been set, try to be patient in waiting for a reply. But if you continue to hear nothing, then contact them. Don’t be tempted to pester them – if you are unsuccessful, some organisations just don’t get back to you.
  4. If you are offered the job and decide not to take it, let the employer know as soon as possible
  5. If you don’t get the job offer, send an e-mail to the interviewer thanking them for considering you for the job. They may have jobs coming up that you would want to be considered for.
  6. If you don’t get the job, most employers are willing to give feedback – so ask them. Ring or e-mail and ask how you could do better.

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