The Group Interview

Companies may interview multiple candidates at the same time. This is an efficient way of interviewing a lot of people quickly.

It’s a good way of seeing how candidates work together – whether they can work well as part of a team and cope under pressure.

The format of the interview can take the form of questions which might be directed at the whole group or an individual group member. It may also include a work-simulation activity or a problem-solving activity.

As with the traditional interview, preparation is important:

  • Before the interview starts, engage with the other group members
  • The interview could start by asking you to introduce yourself. Have something prepared including why you’re suitable for the job.
  • Aim to try an balance between standing out and not stopping other candidates from participating
  • Remember your body language: sit up, make eye contact, don’t fidget, etc.
  • Demonstrate that you are actively participating, listening and engaging with other group members, for example by nodding
  • Speak clearly and confidently
  • Contribute to the discussion but don’t talk all the time – give others the chance to speak
  • Be first to answer a question or two – but not all of them
  • Include everyone in the group when you are speaking – not just the interviewer
  • Try and address other group members by name
  • Don’t speak over others or discount their opinions
  • If there is a quiet person in the group – encourage them to participate
  • At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer and shake hands with other group members


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